Chapel City, is an arm of City Chapel Church that aims to be a platform, network and movement expressing everything that happens within the church and beyond. With the launch of this newsletter we want to present a platform that will eventually expand beyond the church and reach the wider community.

Within our family, there is an environment of very interesting overlapping lives that touch all aspects of society. Just like the concept of an actual city, within our gathering you will find a fine blend of artistes, artisans, professionals, students, authors, inventors, producers, entrepreneurs, CEOs, ministers and several more. We are on a mission to raise a million-man army of boys, girls, men and women in all spheres of life who honour God with their gifts and dreams. Everyone is welcome.

This autumn, for the months of September and October, we will be focusing on Health and Wellbeing along with the biblical concept of Love. In light of these themes, City Chapel’s Pastor Abbiih Oloyede shares her word on Love and challenges you to dig deeper, while Tosin Oyelakin, physiotherapist, recording Artist and blogger encourages us to take control of our well-being in her article on  health.

Our September is filled with events. We kick things off with our Health Day followed by teachings, resources and information on living a life that honours our physical bodies. You are what you eat!
So we will unpack ways that show how you can take proper care of your body, easy tips on what to drink and what not! We will also let the Bible speak to us along with scientific and professional sidebars to bless your health tremendously.

In this first edition, check out all the juicy attractions, invitations and activities that might interest you. Remember you can connect to our website for some extra information. Why don’t you download the City Chapel Fact Book to give you a bird’s eye view of the entire church?

Welcome to the city of dreams and destinies!

Pastor Jonathan Oloyede

Team Leader